Special conference: Film making from the inside

Andrew Buckland at Colegio Del Salvador

El martes 6 de agosto, el departamento de Inglés de Secundaria recibió en el Colegio al editor Andrew Buckland, quien se desempeñó en importantes películas de la industria cinematográfica de Hollywood.  Su visita se enfocó en compartir su experiencia con los alumnos de 2do y 3er año, respondiendo preguntas y aportando su conocimiento y experiencia en este campo. El encuentro se desarrolló enteramente en inglés, en el marco de la unidad Entertainment de la currícula.

Mr.  Andrew Buckland visited our school today and gave a talk to our 2nd and 3rd year students at Salon San Ignacio. The well-known editor kindly answered questions and shared his personal point of view on different issues related to the film industry.  The conference covered different topics such as the editing process within a film; merger between Fox and Disney; storyboards; trailer making and film making; the role of actors at the editing process; the world behind the scenes step by step: timing, locations, tricks and secrets. Mr Buckland also shared his own experience talking about his education, career, inspirations, models, challenges and suggestions for those who are interested in becoming part of the industry. 

On behalf of the English Department of Colegio Del Salvador, I thank Mr Buckland for his interesting contribution to our students’ education and motivation to pursue their dreams.  

Andrew Buckland, freelance editor, now working for 20th Century Fox latest film: Ford vs Ferrari in Los Angeles.

Filmography (some of the films he worked on)