Inglés: SLUH Ukraine Crisis Roundtable Discussion

La semana pasada, un grupo de alumnos de 4° año, acompañados por docentes de Inglés participaron de un encuentro virtual organizado por el Colegio Jesuita St. Louis University High School de Estados Unidos para conocer más y reflexionar sobre el la guerra en Ucrania. Compartimos un testimonio de 2 alumnos que nos cuentan sobre los aprendizajes de este encuentro:

“The discussion was organised by St Louis School and we were invited to hear about different perspectives on the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

Firstly, we learned about history and the reasons why the war broke out. It raised awareness on how important it is to know about historial facts.

Then, a Russian woman  and a Ukranian man explained the particular situations that they were going through as civilians living in the war zone. 

Finally, a priest explained how the jesuit service works in Poland helping the refugees.

To sum up, it is essencial to highlight  the difference between reading about the conflict on your phone and listening to people who are going through the experience themselves, and who are really suffering the consequences of war.”

Juan Ignacio Contreras y Juan Murtagh – 4° Año


-Dr. Daniel Schlafly ’57, will present the historical perspectives of Ukraine and Russia as one and rival nations.

-Chris Brennan ’09 will present the Russian reality of the Putin era working as a journalist in Russia.

-James Hitch ’67 will present the Ukrainian reality of that same time period working as a lawyer in Kyiv.

-Irina Limanskaya will present the current reality in Russia as a member of the opposition movement living in Russia.

-Tom Monastyski will present the current reality in Ukraine as a Ukrainian Canadian with direct ties to Ukraine

-Fr Damian Czerniak, SJ will describe the refugee crisis in Poland, and how we can aid Jesuit efforts.